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I’ve done a lot of research into sleeping and dreaming while working on the Dream Weavers series.  I’m always on the lookout for interesting articles, and this one definitely caught my eye.  The article in The Atlantic is already two years old, but, apparently, there’s a new parasomnia (sleep disorder) — sleeptexting.  Seen mainly in the younger generation, people are actually sending texts while they sleep.  And they’re not all gibberish.  People are sending out messages, although they don’t always make sense or go to the right people.  Can you imagine?

I only remember sleepwalking once when I was a teenager.  I woke up in the basement — and I never, ever went to the basement after dark.  Fortunately, it was a one-time incident.  Have you ever suffered from sleepwalking? Ever sleeptexted someone?


  1. Nikki Noffsinger

    My gran that raised me used to tell me there was a stint in time when I would get out of bed and she was always afraid I would go to the stairway and break my neck. It was before I had my adenoids taken out. After those were taken out I never did it again so maybe it was tied to that. Apparently it was so bad prior to surgery that her and my grandpa bought a roll-a-way bed and put me in their bedroom.

  2. Faye Gates

    I had a sister who was a sleep walker. One night my Dad found her walking down the street. He quietly got her back home, and they put her to bed. After that, he rigged up an alarm. She did it again, repeatedly. She out grew it.

  3. Angela

    I’ve never sleep texted but I have been told that I’ve answered the phone, held conversations with other people (real & imaginary), screamed bloody murder and swatted at imaginary spiders while sleeping; all with very little to no recollection the next morning.

  4. Robin W

    Speaking as someone who does suffer from occasional sleep walking, I think that it is possible, but no doubt rare. I’ve walked around, opened cabinets, moved things around, but never anything like that. Very interesting.

  5. admin

    I’m curious. Did you notice that things had been moved the next morning, or did someone tell you what you’d done?

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