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Countdown is on

October is finally here.  Only 3 more weeks until LEXIE releases!

The latest review from The Book Reading Gals says that “The sparks between Cam and Lexie are hot enough to light your Kindle on fire.”

Just for fun, here’s another short excerpt.

Excerpt from LEXIE
Available Oct. 23 from Samhain Publishing

“What do you think of me, Lexie?  Really?”

Her gaze locked with his, and he saw something new in the dark depths.  Something that made his heart rate slow down, and the thick pumps sound loudly in his ears.

“You make me uncomfortable,” she said, her voice low.

“Uncomfortable, how?”

Her teeth bit into her bottom lip, and her gaze skittered away.  “Just… uncomfortable.”

The awareness he’d felt on the elevator came back, heavy and deep.  It was the first indication he’d had that she saw him not as a threat, but as a man.

He wanted another.

But he didn’t know when he’d ever get it.

She was skittish around him.  Guarded.  The closest he could get to her was in meetings.  Stuffy, mind-numbing meetings.  Right now, her defenses were down.  He couldn’t.  He shouldn’t, but he wanted to know…

He reached for her.

Ever so gently, he ran his fingertips down her bare arm… all the way from shoulder to elbow…  As he watched, goose bumps popped up on the warm flesh.  She shivered and her breath caught.  When she looked at him, her gaze was a little wild.

“You make me uncomfortable, too,” he said gruffly.

They watched each other, the music throbbing and the air hazy around them.

“Really uncomfortable.”

Closing the distance, he sank into her.  He watched her closely as their bodies pressed from chest to knee.  The heat was intimate, the contact electric.  For a moment, she was stunned still.  Then all those emotions she’d kept tempered for so long rushed forward to meet him.  Her anger.  Her heat.  Her sweetness.  He felt it in the way her body softened.  He heard it in the catch in the back of her throat.

“Lexie.”  He kissed her.  Firmly, fully, mouth-locked-on-mouth.  He sealed their lips tight and the sensation was so good, it damn near made him groan aloud.

Her lips were soft, velvety, and they clung.  The kiss deepened, their mouths opening wider for more contact.  For a woman who was as strapped in and lashed down as she was, she knew how to kiss.

And then some.

That hard-on he’d gotten when he’d seen her dancing atop the bar came roaring back to life.  He kissed her harder, letting his tongue slide against hers.  A sound left her throat and her fingers bit into his shoulders.  He did it again, loving her heat, loving the way she responded.  She moved restlessly, her body grinding against his.  Softness against hardness.  Heat against heat.

Cam wanted to pick her up and carry her right out to his car.  He could feel her nipples pressing against him and her hips shifting sexily.  Her arousal was like every other emotion the alcohol had freed.  Hot, immediate, and right on the surface.

What had started as an exploratory kiss was quickly turning into a blistering hot make-out session.  They were hidden together in the corner.  Music pounded around them and bodies shifted nearby.  They were in public.  Anyone could see them.

And he didn’t care.

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