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MAXIE releases today!

Maxie, Book 2 in the Triple X series, is now available at online bookstores everywhere.

Triple X, Book 2

Genre:  Contemporary romance
Release:  August 20, 2013
ISBN 9781619217331

It’s just pretend…but nobody wants to stop.

Maxie’s quiet, predictable routine is shattered when she steps outside her flower shop and almost runs into two women. It’s not the near collision that’s startling. It’s the strangers’ faces. It’s like looking in a mirror times two, and it sends her into a dead faint.

Sheriff Zac Ford sees three identical copies of the woman who’s caused him more sleepless nights than he can count, and it stops him in his tracks. Maxie’s buckling knees snap him out of his trance, and he catches her before she hits the cement.

Two sisters she never knew she had? Maxie can’t deal with this turmoil, not on her own. She needs a shield, a rock. For the first time in her life, she takes a wild leap of faith.

When Maxie calls him her boyfriend, Zac has no trouble playing along. It’ll give him time to figure out what these “sisters” want. Soon, though, for-show kisses get hotter and playacting touches grow bold. And Maxie must choose to stay in her safe little world, or grab life by the horns.

Maxie excerpt

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  1. christina Pfeiffer

    I just finished Maxie and I loved it. Please tell me there is a follow up book coming. Roxie needs to find love and all three need to find the answers about their parents.

  2. admin

    Hi Christina,

    I’m so glad you liked Maxie. Never fear, there will be a follow-up book about Roxie and questions will be answered.


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