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Decisions, decisions…

When I finish a big project like a full-length novel, the time afterward is interesting.  75% of me is thrilled to just get caught up on daily life.  I’ve straightened the house and even cleaned the carpeting.  I’ve restocked the refrigerator and sworn to get back to eating healthy (no more Monster cookies to “help” me write).  I’ve hit the gym and gotten a massage.

But my creative side is churning again in the pleasant way.  When I get deep into a book, the creativity is very focused and intense.  Right now, I’ve got random story ideas bouncing around my brain.  I’m considering what project to pick up next.  Do I dive straight into Courting Gossip (the next Courting book!) or do I squeeze a shorter project in there first?  Should I work on getting some of my older titles back on the market?  Should I put some blogs together?

It’s a short breathing time before my next deadline, but I think it’s important.  How do you refresh and regroup after you’ve completed a major milestone?

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