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Dream Man “Hot and Swoon Worthy” Excerpt

KimberlyDean_DreamMan800Dream Man

Genre: Paranormal romance
Dream Weavers, Book 1
Copyright Kimberly Dean, 2015

* * *

Every muscle in Cael’s body went rock hard. Somehow, some way, she’d managed to infiltrate his world… and all for the sole purpose of being with him. “Devon,” he said gruffly.

She tried to buck him off her again. “Let me go.”

Not on her life.

“It’s okay, Red,” he whispered into her ear. “Everything’s going to be all right.”

Arousal filled him, but her body hummed with tension. She was afraid of him. She was afraid of the night, of the unknown.

And that was the key—the unknown.

Suddenly, Cael felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility rise up in him. She was innocent in all of this. She didn’t realize what her love spell had done. She didn’t know the line she’d crossed or the danger she was in. One way or the other, he had to keep it that way. But how?

He nearly groaned. Playing along with her theory would be the most obvious solution. Not only would a hot little dream cover all her questions nicely, he wasn’t a saint. She’d come to him for sex.

“Am I really your dream man?” he asked quietly.

The pulse at the base of her throat fluttered, yet she looked at him as if he was an advancing tiger. “Not anymore.”

He trailed his finger along the line of her jaw. “You’re my fantasy woman.”

Her forehead furrowed. “Did I mention I think I’m going insane?”

A corner of his mouth curled upward. “I’m crazy about you, too.”

Rubbing his body slowly against hers, he kissed away the tears on her cheek.

She went still. When she didn’t push him away, he moved up to her earlobe and gave it a soft nip. “Kiss me,” he said.

“I just want to wake up.”

“No, you don’t.” He dipped his tongue into her ear, and her eyelids went heavy. Cael’s blood started to bubble. She wasn’t the only one living out a fantasy. The kisses he’d stolen the other night had only whetted his appetite. He wanted more.

Slanting his mouth across hers, he kissed her like he’d always wanted. He let go of her wrists and tangled his hand into the thickness of her hair. His tongue swept deep, searching for more sweetness.

He growled in his throat when he found it.


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