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Getting Cultured

This was a busy weekend.  I attended both an arts fair and a play.  That covers a lot of the creative spectrum.  It’s so interesting to see how people create.  At the arts fair, there was everything from ceramics to metal working to photography.  Even there, I tend to look for the most unique and different.  I ended up buying a sterling silver bracelet made out of a 1940’s spoon and a glass pedestal that refracts sunlight into colors.  Who could have thought to make a bracelet out of a spoon?  Not me, but it’s super cool.

Today was spent at the local community theater.  It was a very young and energetic play called, “No Sex Please, We’re British.”  It was a farce with lots of confusion and people running in and out of rooms.  It reminded me a lot of a Three’s Company episode.  It was a good effort, but comedy is hard.  I thought that the title was funny myself, because I write for an English publisher and they like the spicier stuff.  Ha!

All in all, it was great exposure to a lot of different input.  New sights, sounds, smells and taste.  Did I mention the super spicy green chili chicken dish I got from a street vendor?  Yummy.  It was a great weekend, but busy.  I’m looking forward to getting back to my keyboard this week, so I can flex my creative muscles, too.

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