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Going Deep Re-released #erotica #99cents

I’m excited to tell you that I’ve been working on another project.  I’ve re-released Going Deep, a story of erotica that was first published by Black Lace Books.  I’ve updated it and dropped the price to a cool $0.99 for a limited time only.  With autumn arriving, it’s the perfect time for this hot story about football players and cheerleaders.  And look at that new cover!  I loooooooove it.

Going Deep

kimberlydean_Going_Deep_webFootball players and cheerleaders – there’s just something about guys in tight pants and women in short skirts. As a cheerleader at Southern Dominion University, Brynn Montgomery had fought her attraction to the football team’s star receiver, Cody Jones. She’d been dating the quarterback, Rex, but Cody had always been there, watching and waiting. On one fateful night, Brynn had finally submitted to Cody’s desires. She’d given him her virginity, only to have Rex catch them and a full-blown sex scandal erupt.

Ten years later, Brynn returns to the university to teach and, hopefully, restore her dignity and reputation. That proves to be difficult, though, for Cody is now the football coach for the Dukes, and Rex is the manager of a rival team. Soon, Brynn is caught up in the action between the alpha males again – the clash of pads, the shimmer of pompoms, and the lust of healthy athletes. Rex uses her guilt to get close to her, but it’s Cody who’s the most dangerous. This time, he’s determined to score – and score big.

Going Deep excerpt

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