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Whew, I’m coming back up for air.  I’ve had my head down, working on the first book in the Dream Wreaker series.  It’s undergone a total rewrite, which resulted in an additional 8,000 words.  I’ve shipped it off to the editor so it’s progressing nicely.  It’s so nice to finally be getting around to that project, which I’ve wanted to tackle for a long time.

I’m back in the real world now.  When I’m deep in a project like that, almost everything else goes by the wayside.  Hello again, family and friends.  Hello cleaning and taxes and grocery store and my winter newsletter.  I plan to be getting to that this week.  I know I’m late, but I figure my readers would prefer a book, if given the option.  So be on the lookout for a newsletter soon.  If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, just sign up here.


  1. Diane Sallans

    I’m often amazed that you writers have enough time to write the books and stories while also blogging etc – of course you probably write a lot faster than I do!

  2. Robin in NC

    Wow! Never thought about a total rewrite! Hmmmmmm…bummer! Glad to have you amongst the living! Happy New Year!!

  3. admin

    The story line is still the same (unless my editor sees ways to improve it), but there’s more characterization now, more life in the story, more everything. I’m glad to be catching a breather!

  4. Sue G.

    I know how you feel. When each of my kids graduated from high school I made them a scrapbook of all their school years and activities. Of course I would wait to start about three weeks before the grad party and then have to spend every waking moment on it! I’d ignore the family, the house, etc just so I could get it done!

  5. Mary Songer

    You’re right. I think most of us would prefer a new book to a newsletter but I would love to hear more about your writing process. Adding 8000 words sounds daunting.

  6. Tatiana L.

    Total re-write…. that’s amazing! Congratulation on finishing it! I know the feeling when the work takes most of your time and you get cut off from the real world. so, welcome back to the real word – I am sure your family and friends missed you =)

  7. admin

    Rewrites are interesting, because you’re going back over something you’d finished once before. It’s very different from putting new words on paper. I’m definitely glad to be taking a breather.

  8. admin

    I don’t have a date yet, but I’m hoping sometime next month. I’ll keep my website updated with all the latest, and newsletter recipients will receive early previews!

  9. admin

    Oh, wouldn’t that be wonderful? A staff to cook, clean, and do yard work. I wonder if somebody could work out for me, too.

  10. admin

    Thanks for the idea, Mary. I think I’ll blog about my writing process. I didn’t know if readers would find that interesting or not.

  11. admin

    Oh, I’ve done the scrapbooking binge, too, Sue. Writing is exactly like that. You need to figure out what to use and what to leave out. You need to figure out where everything goes and how to make it pretty. Very much alike.

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