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High School Reunion Available for Pre-order

Genre:  Sexy romantic comedy

Tara Hanson is having a crisis – a common crisis for a twenty-eight year old woman, but a crisis nonetheless.  Her problem?  Her ten-year high school reunion is approaching fast, and she’s not ready.  It’s shallow, she knows, but she wants to set her old classmates on their ears.  She’s got a good job, but she needs the whole package if she’s going to succeed.  That would, of course, include a killer outfit, a toned body, and a mouthwatering hunk on her arm.  An eventful visit to the gym shows her that she may be able to get two birds with one stone.  Personal trainer Jake Logan is a spine-tingling, knee-weakening, hunk of burning love.  She just has to find a way to convince him to be on her arm when the boasting at the reunion begins!

High School Reunion excerpt

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Releases January 25!


  1. Kellymae Helfrich

    Remember my 10 year Reunion…29 years ago! Had a husband on my arm 🙂 Sounds like Tara has some fun ahead of her snagging some ‘arm candy’!

  2. Earlene Gillespie

    I haven’t attended any high school reunions, unfortunately it never seems to work out time wise. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. Colleen

    Hi! I tried voting on the cover options but encountered an error and wanted to suggest of the 2 you shared, I hope you try for an alternate cover option.

  4. Jackie Wisherd

    Sounds like a good story. If it is anything like high school reunions I have been to it should be a fun read.

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