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High School Reunion re-release

hsr_2013It looks like Rouge has re-released High School Reunion in ebook format.  This was one of my favorite books to write.  It was a different voice for me.  People are always telling me my books are funny, when I’m not really meaning them to be funny.  (What is up with that?)  So in this book, I went with the funny.  They say that humor and erotica don’t mix, but I think this erotic romance came out pretty well.  It makes me smile just to think about it.

I feel the need to clear up some things, though.  The original title of this book was not High School Reunion.  I don’t remember what it was, but I’ll admit the draft title wasn’t very good.  High School Reunion didn’t do much for me, but the editor liked it.  The heroine’s name also started out as Rory.  Cheek (original publisher of the book) was located in England, however, and apparently Rory is strictly a man’s name over there.  My editor suggested Roma, which I thought was really cute.  We decided to go with both.

That was when it hit me that I was putting out a book called High School Reunion with characters named Roma and Missy.  Sound familiar?  As in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion?  Aggg!  I was horrified, but my editor didn’t think it was a problem.  Well, okay.  That’s how things sometimes go for writers in the traditional publishing world.  Today, I would have fought a bit harder to get at least one of the two changed so it didn’t look like a blatant rip-off.  Back then, I was over-ruled.

Speaking of fighting a bit harder, if I’d had any input whatsoever into this cover from Rouge, I definitely would have thrown in my two cents.  I am completely underwhelmed by this sweet fluff.  People who aren’t suspecting an erotic romance are going to be very surprised.  This book is definitely erotic!  Lots of sex going on in those pages.  Yet the pink… and the bow… Ugh.  As for the models, they’re attractive but Roma and Jake are both blondes.  Way to go, Rouge.

High School Reunion excerpt

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