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Keeping Those Plates Spinning

This weekend I’ve felt like one of those clowns at the circus who spins plates atop of sticks.  I’ve got so many things twirling right now.  ROXIE releases on Tuesday, so I’m all excited about that.  I’ve been loading books at all the sales sites so they’re ready for readers.  I’m also writing  blog posts and running contests, because MAXIE will be available in print on August 5.  Then there’s COURTING TROUBLE.  I’m still writing that one.  I need to be in a certain head space when I write, and all this chaos isn’t helping. I managed to do some quality work yesterday, but did I mention it’s a holiday weekend?  With the 4th falling on a Friday, I’ve had a hard time remembering what day it is.

As a result of all this, my brain is spinning, too.  I know that everyone multitasks, but I’m seemingly at my limit.  All my plates are slowing down and wobbling terribly.  So how do you manage your busy life?  Does anyone have any tricks or suggestions on how to keep things moving smoothly?

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