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Making the Old New Again

I’m currently going through some old stories to which I’ve regained the rights.  It’s always interesting to do this.  In some ways, it’s nostalgic.  I look at the dates and realize how much time has slipped by.  The stories are fresh to me again.  I think I remember them, but as I’m reading, I’ll find twists I’d forgotten.  In some ways, it’s like I’m reading somebody else’s work.  In others, I can totally remember how certain scenes tripped me up or flowed easily. I can also see my habits, both good and bad.  Some things never change.

Anyway, I’m going through these stories so I can make them available again for readers who didn’t find them before.  I’m making sure that nothing is outdated and anything I didn’t like is fixed.  Soon, I’ll be looking for new covers. Exciting.  Hopefully, I’ll have these back out in the world soon!

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