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Ready to get into some Mischief?

HarperCollins UK is starting a new erotica/erotic romance imprint, headed up by former Black Lace editor Adam Nevill!  Today is launch day, so I can finally tell you that I’m contributing to this line.

My naughty short story, “Women’s Studies”, will be included in a collection called My Secret Life.

Here’s the blurb:

Pursuing a secret liaison that you dare tell no one about, ever, is an enduring sexual fantasy, so here is an erotica anthology featuring explicit stories of getting away from it all to do your own naughty thing.

Being married but meeting a stranger in a motel room, getting hooked on a test for an unusual product, returning to an ex for great sex while every instinct screams “stay away from him!”, going too far with a husband’s best friend, getting caught in the web of a dominatrix … just a few of the thrilling private moments revealed in ‘My Secret Life’.

Mine is the “getting hooked on a test for an unusual product.”  Ha!  Love that.

This is a return to my erotic roots, so be warned, this is extra spicy reading material.  The book won’t release until April 19, but it’s available for pre-order now.  Check it out!


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