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Private Dancer

Surprise!  I have another new book coming out Dec. 20, 2012.  It’s called Private Dancer, and this one’s pure erotica.  Okay, I had to throw a bit of romance in there, too, but it’s not a traditional erotic romance.  Warning:  This is not for the faint of heart or the politically correct.  Hot, hot, hot!

Private Dancer

Torn between two worlds, Alicia struggles to find a way to walk with her faith, but still dance with sin.

When Alicia gets caught in the conflict between her father’s church and the Satin Club owners Bas and Remy, she is the only person willing to act as a mediator. Alicia is intrigued by the high class gentleman’s club and its two sexy proprietors. She tries to stay impartial, but the sensuality of erotic dancing pulls at her, begging her to indulge.

Bas and Remy are more than happy to satisfy her curiosities and secret desires. Both offer dark temptations she can’t resist and the provocative dancing and passion awaken something long repressed. For the first time, the preacher’s daughter feels like her own person – yet at her core, she’s still a good girl. As the tension between the warring parties reaches fever pitch, she struggles to find what is right for her.

More info will be coming soon.

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