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I posted just the other day about my writing process where I need to plot out stories first.  As luck would have it, I was cleaning out my office this weekend, and I came across my plotting notebooks.  I found my very first one where I plotted a story called Innocent Appeal.  It was never published, but all my work was right there.  Afterwards were all my notes on Tiger Lily, followed by On The Prowl, a short story idea, a haunted house story (that I am determined to publish at some point), Wanted, and so much more.  It was like looking through an old photo album.  It’s amazing how time flies by.

I also found one of my favorite old(er) movies at the bottom of the box.  Ever seen Ladyhawke?  OMG, I loooove that movie!  I promptly plugged it into my old DVD/VCR player.  Yes, VHS videotape.  I think I bought it for a dollar at a rummage sale.  Know what?  The old technology didn’t matter.  I loved the movie just as much as when I saw it for the first time.  It is THE classic shape-shifter romance… maybe one of the first.  Alas, the music is dreadful, and Michelle Pfeiffer’s short hair doesn’t match the time period, but the story itself is unforgettable.  And Matthew Broderick?  This is my favorite role for him ever.

So yesterday was a good day, although I spent it in the past.  Sometimes it’s good to look back.

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