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Romance Ain’t Easy

(spoiler alert) re. Avengers

I went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron last weekend and was, frankly, disappointed.  It was too big and too cluttered, but the thing that bothered me most of all was the forced “romance” between two of the characters.  When you think of Black Widow, who would you pair her with?  Hawkeye? Captain America?  She’s had nice moments with both of her fellow Avengers in past movies.  (And just because a woman is nice to men, it doesn’t mean she’s a slut, Jeremy Renner!)

There was something to build upon with either of those two men, but who does the movie try to pair her with?  The Hulk.  Seriously?  This is where I got irritated.  Romance is often poo-poo’d by so many people, but it’s not easy to write.  And the writers made a critical error.  There was no spark between the two.  There was no basis for the pairing.  Yet we were supposed to believe it?  More so, feel it?  You can’t just throw two random people together and have them work as a couple.  It takes more effort than that.  Good or bad, there has to be a connection between the two.

Writing romance isn’t easy.  Some of the biggest writers in Hollywood just proved it.

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