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Rude people

I had a really bad meeting today.  A gentleman (and I use the term loosely) scheduled a meeting with me.  I thought we were going to work through some issues like adults, but he came in attack mode.  What is it with people who feel superior to others?  Why do they feel they can treat others with no respect, yet be respected in return?  People, don’t do this.  Beating others down does not elevate you in any shape or form.  It simply shows how low you’ve let yourself become.  I took the higher road, but I’m no doormat.  After 10 minutes, I indicated that the discussion was not productive and it was time for it to end.  Yup, I kicked him out.  Politely, though — and I told him to have a good day.

Already I’m envisioning him as a villain in a book…  an ugly one with a mole on the side of his face… with hair growing out of it…

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