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The Tricky Aspect of Series

Series are fun.  Readers love them.  Writers like being able to dig deeper into worlds and characters.  It’s a win-win, except for those books that readers are really looking forward to.  That’s where the pressure comes in for the writer.   We want to write the best book that we can, and we don’t want to disappoint.

That was the case with ROXIE.  Everyone told me they were looking forward to her book, and that they wanted to read about her happily-ever-after.  She’s become a favorite character to some (and to me).  Readers wanted to meet her hero, and they wanted to learn the answers to all the questions that have built up over the course of the trilogy.  The pressure was on.

I wrote the story that’s been in my head for years, just trusting my gut.  Happily, the response so far has been hugely positive.  I’m so relieved and happy that my readers are satisfied.  High fives all around!


  1. admin

    Hi Trix,

    Usually it’s decided up front, because it’s easier to lay ground work for upcoming books. In this case, I knew it would be three separate stories, one for each sister. I had an arc for each book and then an overall story arc to carry for all three. Some writers make story “bibles” when they’re making a series to help them plan everything out and keep things straight. On occasion, though, a writer will write a stand-alone book and be inspired to continue. Secondary characters or settings or events can sometimes trigger a follow-on book. It’s always different!

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