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Twisting my words

I recently bought some dictation software.  It’s supposed to translate everything I say into a microphone into words on the screen.   I’d heard that it can be a helpful tool.  Some authors swear that it helps them write faster.  Others use it because of carpal tunnel problems and other ailments.  I can relate to that.  When I’m writing a book, my forearms get to be as powerful as a major-league slugger’s.  And let’s face it, the technology is cool and fun to play with.

But I’m not so sure this is going to work for me.  Why?  I must mumble or slur or something, because here are some hilarious examples of how my sentences are turning out.

Spoken:  “Not as short as you like to think.”
Written:  “None assurance you like to thing.”

Spoken:  “It sent a hot shiver across her skin.”
Written:  “It sent this hot sugar through hers kin.”

Spoken:   I think it was, “She let out a sigh that emptied the breath caught in the base of her lungs.”  (Definitely a first draft sentence.)
Written:  “She let out a sigh that emptied the breath that it caught in the base of her lines.”

Spoken:  “They’d been in lust ever since they’d first clapped eyes on one another.”
Written:  “They been in was ever sensate first clapped eyes on one another.”

Spoken:  “She ran her fingertips over the table.”
Written:  “She ran her anger tips over the table.”  Anger tips?  Hahahaha

And my favorite…

Spoken:  “He brushed a curl away from her face and tucked it behind her ear.”
Written:  “Eucharist Caroli from her face behind her ear.”


Obviously, I need to enunciate.  I’ll admit that the software is learning and getting better, but I’m getting frustrated.  As you can see above, it can be funny reading things back, but I have to watch each sentence carefully.  I’m spending more time correcting than writing, and even that’s an adventure.  I think it could be a helpful tool.  Maybe I’ll use the keyboard some days (like today) and talk on others.  One unexpected consequence – my forearms feel better, but my voice is hoarse.

Plus, I don’t know how much more my “anger tips” can take!

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