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What are you reading these days?

What kind of books are grabbing your attention right now? I feel like I’m in reading void. Usually there’s some big phenomenon out there.  Most recently, it was The Girl on the Train. Before that, it was The Girl with the Dragon TattooThe Hunger GamesFifty Shades of Grey… the Twilight series…  But what’s the book flavor of 2017?

I’m in the mood for something different, that I know.  I tried something that was supposed to be a funny romantic thriller recently. It was none of those things, and I made it about one-third of the way through before giving up.  As for writing, I’ve switched from concentrating on erotic romance to paranormal romance. (I’m on Chapter 4 of Book 3 in the Dream Weavers series.) I think I’m in the mood to read romantic suspense. I’m judging for the Rita competition in the upcoming weeks. Maybe that will point my way to something new!

What about you? What kind of books have you been one-clicking? Erotic romance? Historical? Biographies? Paranormal? Anime?  Got any recommendations?


  1. Lisa

    I am currently ‘listening’ to books … lol
    I haven’t decided what to read so I have stayed with audio 😉
    currently listening to a paranormal romance of sorts
    but I have been really enjoying some YA books (in audio …lol)

  2. Jane Nelson

    I’ve been reading a lot of sexy contemporary romances but my moods are telling me I’m getting the itch for a really good romantic suspense. I just purchased Becky McGraws newest release Safe Mode. Looking forward to starting it very soon.

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