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When Shows Meet Their Doom

The latest TV cancellations have been announced.  Most mean nothing to me, because I never watched the shows in the first place.  A few, however, I’m sad to see go.  For whatever reason, these shows didn’t catch on.  Was the quality of the writing or acting poor?  Were they not marketed well?  Were they put in the wrong time slots?  Was the concept unappealing from the start?

Books are a lot like TV shows.  Writers can write the best book ever, but sometimes it just doesn’t catch on with readers.  Authors are constantly trying to find the right cover, the right release schedule, the best way to connect with readers, and whatever other tricks will help.  It’s a black art, really, and it drives us crazy!

Here are the two shows I’ll miss and what I think went wrong:

1)  Believe
I was really intrigued by this show when it came out.  It’s about a little girl with psychic abilities.  Different factions are after her, and one of them breaks a man out of prison and assigns him to protect her.  Little does he know that he’s her dad.

What I liked —  The show was different than pretty much everything else out there.  I loved, loved, loved the relationship between Bo and Tate.  They had the classic Paper Moon, Ryan and Tatum O’Neal dynamic.  It was the best thing about this show.  Tate was great.  He was hardened, suspicious of both sides, and protective.  He’d make a great bad boy hero in a romance novel.

What didn’t work — Pretty much everything else.  Milton was constantly saying, “I can protect you.”  From the start, everything he touched was bungled, and he’s a researcher.  How would he know how to get off the grid?  Orchestra had way too much power.  Could an organization really develop a machine that can detect the use of psychic ability anywhere in the country?  Uh, not so believable.  Bo’s powers also pushed the limits.  Was there anything she couldn’t do?  She could read people’s minds, sense the future, and move objects.  Everything was frenetic.  The characters spent all their time running, and the slower spots were all about Bo using her powers for good.  It was cute at the beginning, but near the end it became a bit cloying.

2)  Almost Human

Okay, this one hurts.  The show was set in the future where all policemen are assigned an android partner.  A tough cop comes back from a bad case that left him in a coma for several years.  He blames the android assigned to him then, but is assigned a more human-like partner this time.  This android has been programmed with emotions.

What I liked — Everything.  This show was slick-looking.  I liked that the future was portrayed as mainly advances in technology, rather than giving the characters funny clothes and weird hairstyles.  It maintained a somewhat gritty feel.  The acting was top-notch.  I loved the bromance between the cop and the android, and the humor would sometimes make me laugh out loud.  I liked the chemistry between John and fellow detective, Valerie.  Again, good romance material there.

What didn’t work — Here ya go.  This one’s a great example.  I’m scratching my head trying to come up with the answer.  Was Monday night the wrong night for this show?  Was the first season run too short for viewers to find it?  Are there not enough science fiction fans out there to make a show like this work?  Or have science fiction fans cut the cord and gone to streaming services?  Then there’s always the Fox factor.  Fox is known for cutting great shows before they can find their niche.  Firefly, anyone?  Publishers have been known to make the same mistake.

So what shows will you be missing or think deserved cancellation?  And why?  I’m interested to hear.

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