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White Screen of Death

I checked on my website this week and, to my dismay, discovered nothing but a white screen.  What happened? Had I been hacked? Had I not paid some bill? Had I done something wrong with the administration?  In the end, I found out it was none of those things.  A plug-in provider had made an update that had taken down thousands of websites.  🙁

A plug-in is something that’s supposed to enhance a website. It’s supposed to help.  It’s definitely not supposed to wipe out a website entirely, because someone didn’t do proper testing before releasing it out into the wild.  To say I’m miffed is putting it mildly, because this is the second time it’s happened in the past six months. Different providers, but same white screen of death.

Fortunately, I’m back up and running. No content was lost.  Still, with “friends” like this, who needs enemies?


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