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2011 — By the Numbers

I’m pretty meticulous about record keeping, especially when it comes to writing.  For many reasons, I keep track of the time I spend in front of the computer.  My records don’t capture all the time I spend plotting or thinking about scenes.  That’s happening most of the time, usually in the back of my head.  Yet the time that I do spend at a keyboard are logged.  I thought you might be interested in the breakdown for 2011.  It was a strange year for writing, but then again, aren’t they all?

Number of projects worked on:  11
Number of projects published or contracted:  4
Number of projects with offers:  2
Average time to write a full-length novel:  244 hrs (In Her Wildest Dreams took the longest ever at 352 hr.)
Average time to write a novella:  104 hrs (Blade of Moonlight took the shortest at 57 hr.   The words were flying fast and furious.)
Average time to write a short story:  57 hrs

I’m not a fast writer, but I don’t consider myself the slowest.  Things can move at a rapid clip if I’ve got a clear picture in my mind of where the story needs to go.  Without pictures, though, there are no words.  I don’t know how pantsers do it.  I need a plot before anything will go onto paper.  I refuse to sit frozen in front of a keyboard.

So what’s upcoming for 2012?  Hopefully those two offers will turn into contracts pretty soon, and I’ll be able to tell you about them.  I have a proposal that I’m mulling over in my head, and am working on a few surprises.  Hopefully all those plots will clear up in my head soon and those average times will go down!


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