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Double Duty — NOT

Remember how back in May I bragged about working on two stories at one time?  With June stinking and all, it didn’t turn out so well.  I got knocked off course, but I just discovered that I haven’t missed the deadline for the novella.  Unfortunately, it’s only five days away.  I’ve got about 23,000 words left to write to make the minimum word count.  Ha!  So do I let the idea go or do I kick it into high gear and try to get something submitted?

Of course, I’m doing the crazy thing and am trying to write like a mad woman.  Normally, I don’t write fast.  In this case, I do have the story line pretty fleshed out in my head.  (Fleshed out!  Ha.  Unintentional pun.  I do write erotic romance, after all.)  I consider this a challenge, so we’ll have to see how far I get.  Sometimes it’s good to change up your writing routine.

That’s what I said before when I tried writing two things at once and look how that turned out.  Ha!  Still, it’s what I want to do for at least today and I’m in a weird enough mood.  So here I go…  Ready, set, write!

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