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Forest for the Trees

That’s where I am right now.  I’ve been working on a story that I’ve had in various forms for years.  Many, many years.  I still believe there’s a good story in there somewhere, so for the past few months, I’ve been looking through the many versions I have and cobbling together the story I want to tell.  Things were going well when I first started the project.  I’d been away from it for long enough that I had a bird’s-eye view.  I could read it as a reader and clearly see the strengths and the plot holes.

That time has passed.  My bird’s-eye view is gone.  I’m now on the ground, lost in the forest.  Well, I don’t even know if I’m lost, really.  I’ve finished with the story.  I’ve gone through and edited it.  But I’m too close to it to truly know how I feel about it.

Does that happen to you?  What do you do when you get too deep into a project and can only see the details instead of the big picture?  Got any suggestions on how to back away?  I really don’t want to put this story down and let it sit for any longer.  It’s time is here.  It’s waited for its day long enough.  So tell me… How can I clear the cobwebs out of my head?

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