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The Editing Continues

I’m still working on Chapter Two.  During editing, I added 438 words, but I don’t think I’ll get to keep them.  There’s a scene I really like that I know I need to cut.  I haven’t been able to make myself do it yet, because it’s too cute — and that’s the problem.  The scene doesn’t need cute at that point.  But I’m still not happy with getting rid of it, so it will stay a while longer.

I learned long ago to never get rid of anything I write.  With every story, I keep a file of scenes that I cut.  I never know when I might find the perfect spot for them later in the book.  That’s always a happy coincidence, but in reality, they probably aren’t really that random.  I’ve already confessed that I visualize scenes, but they’re not necessarily in the right order.  So it makes sense to keep them for later.

Anyway, I’m halfway through editing Chapter Two.  I wish it was moving faster, but it just isn’t.

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