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Courting Gossip_s192x300High class escort, Genieve, gets caught in the act with a politician and gossip goes wild. Flame-haired and curvy, Genieve is used to attracting attention, but her employer, Luxxor Limited, can’t stand the heat. They task her with lying low until the scandal blows over, in the protection of the one man she’s never been able to charm: Brody Haynes.

Power player Brody fixes politicians’ problems, but keeping Genieve out of sight is a challenge. The sexy redhead is smart and her sense of humor disarms him. Brody tries to concentrate on cleaning up the mess around Senator Gunderson, but his new housemate is a big distraction. And a bored Genieve is also a handful.

Stuck alone together, the stern fixer and the vivacious escort discover that opposites do attract and the best way to stay out of the spotlight is to stay under the covers. But when the whispers about Luxxor only intensify, maybe it’s time for them to give people something else to talk about.

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What Resonates with Readers

Authors write the stories that are in their heads and hope that they’ll connect with readers.  Sometimes we’re successful, but sometimes things just don’t click.  Sometimes readers will grasp onto something that was an afterthought for the author.  And sometimes stories connect with an audience the author never suspected.

Case in point:  I overheard a discussion the other day between two millenials.  They were engaged in a very serious debate over what I soon determined was The Walking Dead.  I don’t watch the show, but I was fascinated listening to their attachment to the story line and characters.  Later that same day I was on an elevator with a middle-aged man and an older woman.  They were also in a deep conversation, and I tried not to eavesdrop until I heard the woman say, “and now she has people she can team up with to fight!”  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  This woman looked like somebody’s dear old grandma, but there it was again – The Walking Dead.

I would never have tagged the older professionals as fans of the show, but they were into it big time.  Who would have thought that a show about zombies could have such broad reach?  Again, I think it goes back to having a story line that’s engrossing and characters to whom viewers/readers can relate.  It’s stories like that than can cross the divide of age, sex, race, etc.

But seriously, zombies?!

Making the Old New Again

I’m currently going through some old stories to which I’ve regained the rights.  It’s always interesting to do this.  In some ways, it’s nostalgic.  I look at the dates and realize how much time has slipped by.  The stories are fresh to me again.  I think I remember them, but as I’m reading, I’ll find twists I’d forgotten.  In some ways, it’s like I’m reading somebody else’s work.  In others, I can totally remember how certain scenes tripped me up or flowed easily. I can also see my habits, both good and bad.  Some things never change.

Anyway, I’m going through these stories so I can make them available again for readers who didn’t find them before.  I’m making sure that nothing is outdated and anything I didn’t like is fixed.  Soon, I’ll be looking for new covers. Exciting.  Hopefully, I’ll have these back out in the world soon!

The Lull Between Projects

I’m at the wonderful time between projects right now. Today, I’m anticipating all the things I could do without story lines, characters, and deadlines filling my head.  My only problem is choosing what to do first!

I love writing, but inevitably near the end of a manuscript, I just want it finished.  I want the story out of my head, and it always takes too long.  When it’s done, all new fresh ideas pop up.  It’s that fun phase where I’m deciding which idea or project to commit to next.  I’m batting a few around in my head right now.

But today, I plan to read, watch a movie, go shoe shopping, have lunch with a friend, and go on a long walk.  Or maybe I’ll just take a nap.

Newsletter Giveaway Winner & Poll Results

Congratulations to Shawn A who won the Hitchcock classic movies DVD.  Shawn, your email inbox is full. Please contact me within a week so I don’t have to select another winner!

Also, I have the results to the latest poll I conducted.  The question was:  What attracts you to a book?  Here’s how the results broke down:

All of the above ~ 61%
Back cover book description ~ 17%Cover ~ 11%
Author ~ 6%
Title ~ 2%

Thanks for your continued participation in these.  I find the results so interesting.  I’ve always been a book description fan myself.  It’s good to know that others flip the book over and go there first, too!

Courting Suspicion – Weekend Warrior Writers Blog Hop #8Sunday

Welcome to those of you on the Weekend Writer Warriors Blog Hop.  Here’s a short excerpt from my new book, Courting Suspicion.


Nina felt refreshed. She’d slept dreamlessly, the whole night through. The dull ache behind her eyes was gone. She stretched and felt a soreness that actually felt good. 

Her cheeks warmed. She might be a madam, but she didn’t have hot sex every night.

Warily, she turned her head on the pillow. She was still tucked up against Josh, only they’d shifted positions over the course of the night so his big, muscled body spooned hers. He was like a heating blanket all along her back.

A heating blanket with a very alert morning erection tucking up against her bottom . . .


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Courting Suspicion Release Day! #newbooks

Review – “Courting Suspicion is the book I’ve been waiting for in this series. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in 2016, and I loved both Nina and Josh.” ~ Lime Cello at Heroes and

Courting Suspicion

CourtingSuspicion_300x458It’s difficult to run when you want to get caught. Book Four of the Courting Series.

Washington DC’s elite escort service, Luxxor is known for its beautiful companions and its discretion. Nina Lockwood — classy, gorgeous, and whip-smart — has spent years building this risky business, but everything is put in jeopardy when a bull-headed, sexy detective starts poking around.

Josh Morgan is the last man on earth she should be attracted to, but Nina can’t help it. A romance with a member of the Metro Police would be reckless, but she fantasizes about taking on her role of a D.C. madam in a more personal and pleasurable way.

Josh has always been suspicious of Luxxor but is more intrigued by the mystery of the woman who runs it. He knows she’s hiding secrets and he wants to discover each and every one of them — in uniform or not.

But when a Luxxor escort is found in a compromising situation with a prominent politician, the true cat-n-mouse game begins. Can Josh and Nina lower their guards to trust one another and give in to the attraction they both feel? Or will their suspicious minds keep them from seeing the true conspiracy going on behind the scenes?

Courting Suspicion excerpt

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Courting Innocence Amazon Giveaway Contest #contemporaryromance

CourtingInnocence_webI’m running an Amazon Giveaway.  12 copies of Courting Innocence will be given away to random winners.  Enter now for your chance to win.

Courting Innocence

Even Nice Girls Have Needs.
Erin starts using matchmaker Luxxor Limited, not realizing that
the company is truly an escort service. But she gets more than
she bargained for when Luxxor sets her up with her big brother’s
best friend.

Courting Jealousy hits #5

Courting_Jealousy_200x300Courting Jealousy moved back up the charts and hit #5 on Amazon’s Free Women’s Fiction Short Stories list yesterday!

When Noelle hires an escort to accompany her to a charity event, it’s merely to show her ex that’s she’s moved on. Yet she gets more than she bargained for when Dane is assigned to accompany her. Tall, dark, and handsome, he knows how to arouse jealousy. He also knows how to arouse her!

It’s still out there for free. Go get your copy now!  Kindle