@TRRtweet Contest and Poll Results

CourtingInnocence_webI’m participating in the Year End Splash Party over on The Romance Reviews.  Congratulations to Bea and Donna who both won copies of my ebook, Courting Innocence.

I also have the results to my non-scientific poll.

Question:  Where do you usually learn about new-to-you writers?

Amazon recommendations or best seller lists    4%
Friends and Family    15%
Goodreads    8%
Other    27%
Reviewer Blogs    27%
The Romance Reviews    19%

Interesting results.  It just begs one more question.  What is other?

Contest Winner + Survey Results

Congratulations to Missy who won the contest for newsletter subscribers.  She won the Halloween kitchen towels and a signed copy of Dream Walker.  Thanks to everyone who entered.

I also have the survey results.  We have some voracious readers out there!

Question:  How many books do you read a month?

Who has time to read?    No votes
1       3%
2 or 3     27%
4 or 5     30%
5 to 10     13%
More than 10     27%

Researching the Future

I went to a Psychic and Paranormal Fair this past weekend.  It’s the third year I’ve attended, and while I do it for fun, I always learn something I can use in my paranormal books.  The event was super-crowded this year, probably because Halloween is so close.  That made exploring all the booths challenging, but I focused in on one.  I had my tarot cards read.

Whether you believe in these things or not, one thing I’ve noticed is that these people tell really good stories.  From the mediums to the aura readers to the future predictors, the heart of their work lies in their ability to communicate – and they do it in stories.  They concentrate on the hero/heroine (you), pull at your emotions, and take you on a journey.  My journey was to my future.

The first thing I learned is that there’s a story behind every tarot card – and I drew some powerful ones! One was The Magician, who has the tools of creativity.  Coincidence?  I like to think not.  There were also a lot of cards in the suit of wands, which is the suit of ambition and risk-taking.  That’s also pretty close to the mark.  I feel like repeating the entire reading out loud will jinx it, but it was good.  I liked the story the cards told a lot.  At the very least, they told me that I need to get back to writing PDQ!

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Hell_To_Pay_200x380Hell to Pay

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The Longs and the Wilsons had been at war for generations. When Cassidy Wilson moves to Summer Lake, she tries to stay out of the fray. Her dog just won’t let her. Time and again, he ends up right where he shouldn’t—on Rafer Long’s property. Dark and brooding, Rafer is the sexiest of Cassidy’s enemies. Just being near him makes her body grow hot and her knees go weak.

Rafer doesn’t mind finding Cassidy on his turf. Sweet and pretty, he’s lusted after her even when he knows he shouldn’t.  So when her dog gives him an excuse to be with her, he uses it.
Even knowing there will be hell to pay.

Hell to Pay excerpt

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