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The Courting Series

Meet the women and men who work at Luxxor Limited, a high-end escort service. The company caters to the wealthy by matching them with escorts who are as smart, mannered, and cultured as they are beautiful. The one limitation in Luxxor’s contracts? No sex allowed. Except, of course, if the contact is mutually acceptable.








Dream Weavers

They are the Oneiroi, Greek daemons of dreams. As Dream Weavers, their mission is to watch over sleeping humans—for without dreams, chaos can reign. So the Oneiros brothers blend in with the waking world by day and watch over their charges by night, protecting humans from the creatures who would prey upon their sleep. But what happens when the Oneiroi have dreams of their own? And what happens when they fall in love with those they’re duty-bound to protect – or the enemies they’ve sworn to fight?





The Hackers

Meet the online technology geniuses of Afire Industries.  They protect your data, but can they protect their hearts?





Triple X

You’ll fall in love with this family saga about identical triplets reuniting and meeting the men of their lives along the way.






While technically not a series, these two novellas are both sexy fugitive stories.  What happens when you’re on the run, but want to get caught?