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Kimberly Dean

Dream Rider cover is of a handsome, shirtless, blond man looking up at the moon in a bright blue night sky.Available now! – Dream Rider

DREAM RIDER is a super fun slow-burn paranormal romance story that is enthralling from beginning to end.” – InD’Tale Magazine, 5 stars, 5 steam kettles, and the Crowned Heart for Excellence award.

Dream Weavers, Book 3 by Kimberly Dean

Genre:  A steamy paranormal Greek god romance

As a Dream Weaver, Zane Oneiros isn’t supposed to hitch rides on the dreams of his charges, but he can’t help himself when the dreamer is Emily Hutchins.

In the waking world, Emily is his work friend. Beautiful, conscientious, and prompt. Zane is known for being brash, fun-loving, and a bit too reckless with the powers handed down to him from the Greek gods of ancient past. Could an introvert extrovert romance even work?

All Zane wants to know is if Emily thinks about him while she sleeps… if there’s any hope for friends to become lovers… or if he’ll be stuck in the work friend zone forever. Yet when he and Emily start sharing dreams—and a kiss—the entire daytime world flips upside down.

Sweet, strict Emily is suddenly adventurous, and in more ways than one. Happy as Zane is about the change in their relationship, he worries that he’s meddled where he shouldn’t. For Emily isn’t sleeping well, and her behavior is spiraling out of control. Soon Zane is battling to get the old Emily back and make their dreams turn real, not the nightmares.

Dream Rider excerpt

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